To love people 

Mt. Iwaki seen from Hirosaki University

① meet

   It seems trivial, but on the day of the high school entrance ceremony

 Spring back.

 I don’t think the snow was flickering until yesterday …


I failed the high school entrance exam and became a junior high school ronin.

The year is different from everyone around me. One above. My classmates are in second grade and when I find me at the entrance ceremony, I see me in a brand new and unfamiliar uniform

“Rio, the uniform looks great”

Said with a senior wig.

I wasn’t worried at all because my two male friends who spent the junior high school ronin together were also enrolled in the same high school …

Looking around, the first graders didn’t look good in brand new uniforms as well, and looked very childish.

 I knew it from the beginning.

When I was supposed to be a junior high school ronin, when I entered high school, I was one year older than the people around me. Originally, I understood that my mental age was older than that of the same grade, and even when I was in junior high school, my friends told me that I didn’t always know where my true intentions were. I was thinking of giving up when the people around me were younger. Even so, even if I act, I have to pretend to be stupid and adjust to this grade.

 Make an effort to change yourself, even if you hide your true intentions.

Just before the ceremony started, there was a girl who spoke to me.

“Is this 5 groups a year?”

Then, looking at my face and talking to me, I stumbled on a pipe chair and fell.

Actually, this is my second time to meet her. On the day of the announcement of the results, I happened to go to see it a little later.

He was the one who was pleased to pass with someone he didn’t know at all.

“Are you okay? Oh, there was a day when the results were announced.”

I thought I wasn’t worried, but I laughed seriously at this time. Still, she must have been nervous. She laughed from the bottom of her heart. Why are you stumbling on a chair? ?? ?? And, depending on the situation, the person who shared the joy together at the time of the announcement of the result. It was in the same class.

I have a feeling that something is likely to happen in my high school life.

 When the ceremony was over and we headed to a new classroom, we talked about our favorite cartoon characters. When I entered the classroom, there was a beautiful boy who thought it was a live-action version of the character. This guy is from the soccer club. Apparently the same Ronin group as me. He seemed to have a fan club when he was in junior high school, and girls of the upper grades gathered, which was so popular that it was difficult to enter the classroom.

 The entrance ceremony was more exciting than I expected.

I promised to go home with two male friends who were ronin together, so I went to the entrance where I was meeting.

The entrance is noisy one year after the entrance ceremony, and even if it isn’t, it’s annoying.There was something that was exciting and throbbing, like a deflated balloon, in a withered heart.

He stands beside a noisy group. He has brown hair and he knows he stands out, but he’s waiting somewhere, giving off a unique aura.

I hate that guy. I’m not good at face. Above all, he is the type who is confident in himself.

I do not like it.

The moment I had my eyes, but I remember keeping an eye on each other.I’m sure it’s a tremendous moment.

But like slow motion, I still remember that moment.