To love people Ⅱ 

② When I didn’t know

 I have 5 groups 1st year. (15R).
The classroom is still very busy with the aim of Kanao, who I admired. 
But he doesn’t talk much to girls. 
He was only with boys and had never seen him talk to girls. 
It’s quite popular among boys, and it seems to be a quiet person in class, but it seems to be quite interesting when there are no girls.

 He is a soccer club.
I was at a loss for club activities. 
Originally it was a brass band club, but in addition to being in the same grade as the junior, the junior part leader, the brass band club, was called out when he was thinking of giving up and looking for something.
 To the manager of the Japanese-style baseball club.
The club room of the soft field (Japanese-style baseball club) is next to the soccer club. 
As you may remember from the high school club rooms, there were various club rooms for club activities outside, like a Nagaya, beside the ground. 
When I went there for the first time, I found only him while various members of various club activities were crowded together. 
He wanted to see Kanao wearing a club jersey, but he met a guy he didn’t want to see. 
He was also a soccer club.

 That guy is Takumi. 
Playing with a soccer ball, he was so brilliant that I felt that the colors around him were different against the backdrop of the setting sun.
 The day I could feel him for a moment.

 A few days after I started watching only the soccer club, my classmates consulted me when I started to get along with everyone after the first event in the class, the excursion.

Mika “He goes out to play with other girls. He’s a friend, but I don’t think he likes me. There are too many female friends.”
Ai “I’m Mika’s boyfriend now. You should just say,’Don’t play with other kids.'”
Rio (I) “Is Mika’s boyfriend so popular?”
Ai “It’s 18R of Takumi-kun. When I was in junior high school, I was finally able to get along with Mika recently. But when I entered high school, Takumi-kun was the 10th girlfriend in Mika.”
Mika “… I don’t think you like me. I feel like I’m going out with a child I’ve become friends with, so Takumi-kun. I may be shaken soon.”
Rio “Don’t shake me from here, that guy”
 After all ,he is the worst.
10 people in less than 2 months after enrolling???????

 After getting angry at Takumi, I started to look straight at Kanao. 
Well, the class is the same, and I don’t talk to the girls stubbornly, so I don’t think I can get along well, but should I just look at them? 
Of course, I’m not a romantic person. 
I never really thought about wanting a boyfriend. 
The children around me were shaken, taken, and what to do with pregnant students at the staff meeting. 
The top preparatory schools in the prefecture are mainly academics, and it is natural that you can spend your daily life and behavior in accordance with ethical morals. 
So there are no school rules. 
There was a uniform, but there was no obligation to wear it.
Love too. 
Do you suddenly become such an adult when you become a high school student? 
“Do you know what kind of relationship you have with me?”

The line when girls from the same junior high school were fighting at the landing of the stairs on the day they entered high school. 
It is normal to aim at the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University. 
At this high school, Tohoku University class is the first choice even in the lowest class, and at a high school with a deviation value of 70, she who spit out this line is a female doctor in Tokyo. 
It may be a very unique environment when I think about it now.
Is it love to keep up with your studies? 
Circumstances of men and women? 
Despite being swayed by (I’m grateful that even high school students have been able to handle love tactics for the past three years without losing), it’s still like a different world to me. 
Like other children, it would be nice to have a boyfriend who can have a normal high school relationship.
It’s been three months since I spent a fluffy high school life with myself left somewhere. 
At the high school school festival, I was happy just to be able to make a class offering together, though it was silent, along with her longing Kanao. 
After the school festival, it was a time when everyone was looking back at the photos and getting excited.

“Hey, you. Rio. This is a help to put it together.”

 He called out for the first time. 
He remembered my name above all else.


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